Shinshe District covers a long and narrow area that contains 13 river terraces. This is why Shinshe District has diverse products and leisure companies scattered like pearls in a plate throughout the district. Visitors here for the first time feel as if they are in a maze, placing them in a different space and time. The concept of Taipei MRT lines was adopted based on the area's characteristics, and travel routes with different themes were planned in Shinshe District in 2005. As the number of stores increased, the six routes planned in 2005 were expanded to seven routes in 2007.

All routes are indicated on utility poles. Shinshe coordinated with Taiwan Power Company during hardware constructions, and painted utility poles and stores with the color representing the route. The colors provide better guidance along the route for visitors who are unclear of the road situation. This is an unprecedented undertaking for the tourism and leisure industry nationwide.

Furthermore, the mileage is also indicated on utility poles, and the routes have a total of roughly 170 utility poles with the mileage indicated, making easier for visitors for find stores. When tourists arrive in Shinshe, all they need to do is select a route, check the color and number of stores on the guide book, and then follow utility poles with the same color to reach the stores and scenic spots. This process also leaves a stronger impression of Shinshe District with visitors. To effectively integrate the seven routes and bring together seemingly scattered stores, each route elects its own leader responsible for integrating opinions and resources of members, creating a sense of belonging to each route, and building a local consensus and unity.

The themes of these seven routes are "Green line – Ecology and slow living", "Yellow line – Sea of flowers", "Red line – Culture and history", “Purple line – Romance", "Blue line – Sky and night view", "Pink line – Spring and peace blossoms" and "Brown line - Mushrooms". These routes are not only linked to many creative marketing mechanisms, but also the main reason for Shinshe's flourishing development.